Thursday, 5 February 2015

Videogame Storytelling a new resource

I know I haven't blogged on here for a loooong time and there are reasons for that, that I can't go in to. But I'm back and will be posting more regularly from now on. So to start things off I wanted to bring your attention to a blog post about storytelling in video games on the Gamasutra website called "Video Game Storytelling: From Tutorial to Book, and Back Again" by Evan Skolnick (Click here to read). I skimmed read the article and based on that I ordered the book by the author.

The book only just arrived this morning, but based on the blog post this has the potential to be one of the books that will need to be added to the reading shelf of all those that teach game design, and to the library for students to read. I'll do a full review later once the book has been read, I just need to finish off a book about the Stuxnet virus and a collection of essays about girls and gaming.