Saturday, 15 February 2014

Requests Welcome

One thing I want for this blog is for it to be useful for the readers of it. Which means I'd love requests/ideas/suggestions on what people would like to see posts on.
I have idea for posts, based around stuff that interests me that I think will be useful to others.
But I appreciate they may not be of use to everyone, and people may want me to cover specific subjects, or go into more depth, provide examples in different languages etc.
Well today I've come across a great collaborative tool called Hack Pad that allows people to set up workspaces/documents that can be worked on by groups of people. So I've set up a document on there to collect requests/ideas/suggestions. I've embedded it into this post below.
What I like about this tool is that I can link it to Dropbox and have it sync my hack pads to that automatically. Which means I don't have to worry about how to get all my data out of the service, so I'm not just building up data in a silo that I can't move out (one of the reasons I don't use Storify - no data export and the pdf export is business only, no education support).
I know I could of set up a Google doc/form for this too. Anyway please make a suggestion in the hack pad I've setup I'm looking forward to reading your suggestions and making this blog more relevant for you.

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