Sunday, 12 January 2014

Career Hack Slightly Longer Example

Thought I'd put up a slightly longer python example of using the LMIforAll api.

For those interested I wrote this example on the iPad using pythonista. Which is a python app allows you write and run python code on an iPad. The version of python it uses is 2.7, and has the requests module. However it doesn't have numpy,scipy and matplotlib, which is a shame as they would turn it from an interesting little app into something a lot more powerful and useful. Although it does have the python image library, Dropbox and Evernote support. Add the csv module (which would have to work with the Dropbox module to allow you to access csv files) to the wish list of modules I'd like to see pythonista support. Hopefully my wish list will get added in the future. It would be really cool to see the iPad become an amazing python platform too.

Anyway here's the code:

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