Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Coffee Anyone?


This Friday I'm lucky enough to have been given permission to attend the Games Britannia Industry Speakers Day by work (I also have a ticket for the event as well). It would be really cool to meet up with folks while there if you are attending. Looking at the schedule for the event there are breaks at 14:30 and 17:15. Plus the usual before and after opportunities to mingle and socialise.
I'll be looking something like the following:
Above photo taken at the Indie Coffee meet up just before Christmas, photographer Shahid
So either drop me a line via twitter (@whitespider1066), or leave a comment below, or just come up and introduce yourself on the day.
While I'm pretending to have a social life I may as well mention that on the 8th February I'll be at the Cambridge Raspberry Jam (better known as CamJam). Followed by running a hands on session at my local CAS hub (that's the West Norfolk and Fens) on python, the Raspberry Pi, and the new add on board the Pibrella. I then have a couple of weeks off! There is then a STEM Fair at PRC on 19th March which I think local schools are coming too, and I am doing adhoc 5 minute talks for teachers of lesson ideas using the Raspberry Pi. But before the STEM Fair you will find me at the first Peterborough Raspberry Jam. I'm running the Programming Minecraft in the morning, and just enjoying the jam in the afternoon.
So I hope folks can make some of these events even if you ignore me, as I think you will have a cool time.


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