Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Simple Pibrella Python Demo

I think it was mentioned in my post yesterday that next month I will be running a practical session at my local CAS Hub on the Raspberry Pi using Python and the Pibrella add on board (soon to be available for purchase). Luckily I had been loaned a pre-release model so that I could start writing the session and developing the code and activities with it.

As a simple taster of what's involved with using the Pibrella on the Raspberry Pi with python I present this short piece of demo code that switches on the Green LED of the Pibrella for 3 seconds.

Once I have done the taster session next month I will put up all the resources I created for that for people to download, mock etc.

A big thanks to Michael Horne for the loan of the Pibrella, and providing the GPIO pin outs for it.

If you are a Scratch fan (I wasn't, but I'm warming to it) you can also use the Pibrella with that on the Raspberry Pi if you use Scratch GPIO. You can find out more here.

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