Friday, 7 March 2014

CamJam Focus On Education Tickets Out Now

10th May sees the next CamJam being held. The tickets for this are now available and will set you back £3.50. However thats not bad, and definitely worthwhile.
The next CamJam will have an Education Focus in the talks being given in the lecture theatre. There will also be workshops going on in the foyer, how to solder session (I need that I think), a small marketplace, and a show and tell area too.
I like the CamJam, they are great guys running it, welcoming and helpful (if you read this blog regularly they leant me their Pibrellas for my CAS talk).
So if you are in education you should be getting yourself along to this CamJam - that's the bottom line (really? did I just quote Stone Cold Steve Austin on here?)

You can get your ticket here (I've already bought mine), and hopefully see you there.


  1. Just bought my ticket as well - not sure how I feel about my two worlds colliding like this. Do I have to be in character?

    Kev from MGP.

  2. Kev,
    I'm always in character! CamJam is great fun. I hope you find CamJam useful, I'm doing a talk and a workshop at this one.