Monday, 3 March 2014

Pibrella Now Available To Buy

The subject line says it all really. From today it is now possible to buy the Pibrella.
As you know from the three or so posts I have done on the Pibrella, and the fact I did a CAS session on it, that I am a fan of the Pibrella.
While I was playing around with a pre-production version of the Pibrella I had to work the GPIO directly to get the LED, switch or buzzer to work. Now a brand new site is available for the Pibrella (click here to visit it), and also a nice looking library for accessing the various parts of the Pibrella.

So the official price of the Pibrella is £10 + p&p (ordered mine today, well I do have to return the ones I was leant).

Once I get mine I will do an official review, and update the materials I did for the CAS session to use the new libraries for the Pibrella. Although I will also leave the original versions up as well (I think there is some value in them still, especially for those that want to use the GPIO directly).

Update 3/3/14: Here is a link to the github for the official library/examples click HERE

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