Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A brief concern about scratch on the pi


This morning on twitter a tweet is doing the rounds announcing that there is now a version of scratch that supports the Minecraft api.

It's great that there is now a version that now allows programming of Minecraft using the api on the Raspberry Pi (Get here).

However what concerns me is that there are to my counting now three versions of scratch on the Raspberry Pi. The basic original flavour, a version that supports the GPIO, and joining them the Minecraft version. So depending on what a teacher wants to do on the Raspberry Pi they have to make sure they have installed and selected the correct version to use. Let alone how confusing for students.

I hate this sort of splintering, and to stop confusion, and to make sure the versions keep in step with each other (Bug fixes, features etc), these projects need to co-ordinate and merge into a single release for the Raspberry Pi.

It's fantastic that people out there care enough to do this, but please care enough to make things easy for students, teachers, and users in general too.


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