Thursday, 8 May 2014

It's CamJam this Saturday

It's time for another CamJam this Saturday. Wow hasn't the time flown by?
This one is of particular interest to those in education because there is a "Focus on Education" track in the main lecture hall. You can get the full list of talks going on here. If you have popped over there to see what the talks are then you may recognise a name or two on the list. Amongst the great and the good list there is a fraud. Yep you will see my name there giving a talk on the Pibrella. When you have the likes of Alan O'Donohoe, Clive Beale, Craig Richardson there giving talks, I can't help thinking blooming heck! Maybe I'm there to help them look even more awesome! 
At the moment I have about 20 minutes to fill talking and if I feel brave enough demoing the Pibrella on the Pi. Then at ten past three I'm running a hands on workshop on the Pibrella (you can see the full list of sold out workshops here). 
Yes, I am feeling rather nervous about the weekend. I want to do my best and help people, give them something they will find useful. 
Please if you are attending and you see me, say "Hi". I will be very nervous in the run up to the talk, and then totally down afterwards that it wasn't good enough. So it would be great to meet new folks.
Oh and as usual during and after wifi etc permitting there will be a massive post on the day.
So hopefully see some of you Saturday.

UPDATE #1: Was just thinking being on such an esteemed list of speakers kind of takes me back to the time that I tried stand up comedy. I had been doing a few open mic spots at my local pub at the time. There wasn't much competition there, I was the only one trying stand up the rest were doing poetry readings. But after some success (i.e. I was getting the odd laugh with my material) I decided to try doing open mic spots elsewhere. To cut a longish story short meant I managed to get myself one of the in much demand open spots at the Comedy Store in London. In fact the date I had for my open spot was a day or two before my birthday, so friends and family came along with me to the Comedy Store for my big moment. Boy what a moment that was. The compare for the evening was Jeff Green, the opening act was Mark Thomas, I can't remember the rest of the line up for the night, the place was packed. The front row was taken up by drunk policemen if I remember correctly, they were definitely drunk that was for sure. My spot was in the second half of the show. I died big time that night, I remember my legs shaking so much, I was heckled by the drunk lot at the front. The heat of the lamps on the stage is still vivid in my memory, I can still feel the heat now as I write this. When the red light camp on to tell you to wrap up it seemed a relief from the slaughter. Afterwards comforted by friends and family I was very emotional (there may have been leaky eyes). Probably one of the bravest things I've ever done. As you read the above you probably are thinking that it wasn't a very enjoyable experience, and maybe at the time it didn't feel that way. But looking back I am so glad that I did it. I gave it ago. Not many people can say that they tried what I had done.
The only link is between the two experiences (one not happened yet) is the strong line ups with little ol' me stuck in the middle. This I suppose is my geeky version of the Comedy Store this weekend at CamJam. 

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