Saturday, 5 July 2014

CamJam July 2014

Well I'm at CamJam once more (dam early btw).
PiHut have setup already (9:50) and I've already made my first purchase of the day!
It's the CamJam EduKit for a fiver.
More frm The PiHut
Early show and tell stuff
Above MyPiFi that was just successfully funded on Kickstarter I believe.
Above and below a portable Pi, full keyboard (no mouse) took about a month to build and is designed just for coding so terminal mode only (real coders use text interfaces not GUIs).
The Tiddly Bot is showing this

Above the PiTrol with it's finished pcb
Below RasPi.TV
Below Pridopia showing their wares.

Had a look at their guide/manual and it's blooming awful. Needs a lot of work especially as aimed at kids.
Above in the show tell area a pi collecting the sensor data, sending off to a remote server to do the hard processing then controlling the robotic arm to pick up the block! UPDATE! Just found out this has the code name of Project Claude and there are already "plans" for a Claude 2.
You have already seen the photos of the CamJam EduKit (at top of post) and what wasn't said and only announced minutes ago as I write this, is that all profits go towards CamJam. Which is pretty cool. Other news PiWars - 6th December, September CamJam robotics special. Two categories of robots below £75, and over £75 including the cost of the Pi. All robots to be controlled by a Pi and must have a foot print less than an A3 piece of paper. Full list of competitions for robots to enter to be announced on 1st August, but will include straight line speed test, follow a line, texture obstical course, sumo battle, artistic merit, and will be points based to decide overall winner.

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