Sunday, 29 June 2014

My Summer Reading List

After the academic year has finished and the students have left, it's time for whichever academic institution you work for to run some staff development (which luckily I'm missing as I'm at Develop while it's happening). Followed by much needed holiday mixed between planning and prep for the new academic year. Well that kind of describes life at the end of the year and over the Summer for those that work in further education, schools may differ. For the geeky ones (like me) the holiday time is a time for projects and skill updating. Between visiting my son and spending quality time with him playing videogames and boardgames, and a trip to the Lakes, I'll be trying to squeeze in some reading (coming to that) and skill updating (learning Unity). So to the point of this post, I thought I'd share my planned reading list for over the Summer hols.
Sorry I didn't put the authors in, I just created the list in iThoughts so I didn't forget and also to keep track of what I get through. As you can see some of the books are about Flipped Learning which as I pointed out in a previous post is something I will be trying out in the new academic year. Some are about teaching programming and computer science (there are very few books on this) and then some are about learning.
Now I know this sounds like all my personal development happens over the Summer. But it isn't like that, I'm studying throughout the year. I'm a firm believer of controlling my own personal development. I'm the one who best knows what my needs are subject and career wise. So I make sure that I get appropriate training, attend conferences and teachmeets, spend a small fortune on books (physical and kindle). It's just the Summer is a time when time can be devoted to larger projects.
So now you have seen my reading list for the Summer what's on yours?

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