Monday, 16 June 2014

See you at CamJam on 5th July

You what? Yep tickets have gone live for the next CamJam which is being held on July 5th.
A paltry £2.50 a ticket (free for kids) is all you need to get into this consistently great Raspberry Jam.

You can get your tickets HERE

But if those words haven't got you clicking that link and getting a ticket. Then go look at the fantastic planned line up of talks and workshops they already have (see list HERE ). They have Minecraft workshops, and of more interest to me a talk on running a Pi Club. On top of all this there are the Pi retailers that will be there as well.

Now surely that has convinced you to click the tickets link above and getting one.

Ok final thing that may convince you I'm not giving a talk or running a workshop. So what more do you want? Go get that ticket NOW!

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